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Ithaca & the Finger Lakes so special!


If you have ever visited the Finger Lakes area, or perhaps love it so much you have made it your home, you know how unique it is, and Sunny Days is a space that brings together all its beautiful elements - from the breathtaking natural environment to the spirit and creativity of its people.
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We're open every day of the week from 10am-8pm

(Usually until 10pm on the weekends, or even later sometimes!)


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a NY marketplace

What it means to us...

A place where you can find a little bit of everything from Ithaca, the Finger Lakes, and beyond!


FOR YOURSELF OR THAT someone special!

There are so many unique items, from locally handcrafted jewelry and bath & body products, to accessories for the wine lover in your family.


We collaborate with local artists and makers to give you art in traditional and non-traditional forms, with a strong focus on "functional" art.

Take a piece of Ithaca & the Finger Lakes home with you!

We have a wide variety of postcards, t-shirts, and much more that will help you remember the wonderful time you had during your visit.

EVERYDAY PROMOTION: Come in and Make Your Own Button - fast, fun (for all ages), and free!

We get new products all the time, follow us on Instagram @SunnyDaysofIthaca to see them first!

Tips from a local...

Adjacent to our store, on Green Street, there are many free 15-minute parking spots - very convenient when you need to pop in quickly to pick something up or to just check out what's new!